About Us

SCA BELGELENDIRME VE OZEL EGITIM HIZMETLERI LTD. STI. was founded at 2009 in Izmir. SCA started its activities in accordance with directives of “2014/34/EU – Equipment and Protective Systems Intended for Use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres” and “ATEX 137 – Minimum Requirements for Improving the Health and Safety Protection of Workers Potentially at Risk from Explosive Atmospheres”. Then became accredited by TURKAK/Turkish Accreditation Agency with document number AB-0123-U according to EN 17065 standard within the scope of ATEX directives and by the Science, Industry and Technology Ministry authorized with the reference number NB 2336 and SCA own the title of “Accredited and Notified Body”.

Our vision is to provide high quality evaluation, testing, and documentation to the devices that manufactured for use in explosive atmospheres in accordance with international standards.

To increase the reliability and capacity in this regard, to meet the expectations of manufacturers and users that are producing devices for use in explosive atmospheres at the highest level and to be among the leading certification bodies in the world.

 Our mission is to carry out our certifications in accordance with our principles, without making any concession from the principle of independent and impartiality, with experienced auditors and adding value to the organizations that we serve.