Explosion Protection Document

Explosion Protection Document

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What is Explosion Protection Document?

Within the scope of “Occupation Health and Safety Law”, dated 20/6/2012, numbered 6331 and according to “Regulation About Protecting Workers from the Dangers of Explosive Areas” which published in the official newspaper of Turkey, dated 30/4/2013, numbered 28633, regulation’s 10th article states that preparing an Explosion Protection Document is mandatory, where the places that explosive atmosphere may occur.

Why Explosion Protection Document Necessary?

In the event of an emergency, the personnel can lose their lives and property can be lost if they do not know how to act. In order to prevent such events e.g. loss of life and property lost, it is necessary to prepare Explosion Protection Document and take necessary actions in consideration of this document. The Explosion Protection Document is a document that specifies what is necessary to prevent damage to personnel on the field, to minimize the risk of any explosion on work machines and to avoid as much as possible damage in hazardous situations.

It is the responsibility of the employer to identify hazardous areas in explosive atmospheres and to prepare the explosion protection document.

In accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law numbered 6331 dated 20/6/2012, organizations that do not have an explosion protection document can be suspended and administrative penalties can be applied. (türkçesinden de para çıkarılsın)

In which type of facilities(plants) preparing EPD is mandatory?

  •          LPG and Other Petroleum Products Production, Filling and Distribution Facilities
  •          All facilities contain Natural Gas (LNG, CNG)
  •          All facilities produce or store chemical substances
  •          Paint and thinner workshops
  •          Electrical device and equipment workshops
  •          Paint processing companies
  •          Raw Leather Manufacturers
  •          Parts of Wet-Cell Battery Manufacturers
  •          Oil Plants (Margarine, olive oil and etc.)
  •          Paper Factories
  •          Aluminium and wood powder emerging factories
  •          Flour, sugar, starch factories
  •          Feed and grain plants
  •          All factories using coal dust