Ex-proof Equipment Conformity Assessment

Ex-proof Equipment Conformity Assessment

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The loss of the Ex-proof feature of the equipment due to incorrect applications during installation or maintenance on field that is a situation frequently encounter on field inspections.

As SCA, we provide reporting services to the current situation of the Ex-proof equipment within the ZONE map by our experienced staff, whether the current situation still fulfils the requirements of the ATEX directives and the relevant standards.

During the assessment, the equipment is selected with the relevant protection type standard and equipment according to EN 60079-17 standards; The ZONE (hazardous area) is checked for compliance with the temperature and gas group. Close inspection and physical examination are performed according to the relevant protection type standard.

Electrical installation and equipment control in explosive atmospheres must be carried out once a year unless otherwise stated in the standards, in accordance with the Health and Safety Regulations for the Use of Work Equipment.